Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big Girl Underwear!

I am so proud of my little AJ - she is basically all potty trained!  We started last friday in her big girl underwear and she is doing better then I could have ever expected!  Today we even went to the grocery store and Babies R Us with NO accidents - at Babies R Us she even asked to use the potty!  I can't believe my little baby is becoming such a big girl and I am SO proud to be her mommy!!!

Just look how cute she looks in her big girl underwear!!!


EOZ said...

I am sure years from now when she knows her panty picture was on the internet, she will just die.

Anonymous said...

would you like me to take those off for you make you feel like a big girl? I promise I won't put it all in you just enough to cum in you and make you feel good

Anonymous said...

agreed, I love pulling down my nieces knickers and give her what makes her smile