Saturday, April 28, 2012

AJ's 5th Birthday Party

Having a summer birthday is tough sometimes - lots of people go away on vacation or have other things going on so you can't guarantee friends will be around to come. Today AJ celebrated her birthday a little early with her girlfriends at a adorable kids salon called Sweet and Sassy! AJ got her birthday sash right when she walked in and then girls go right to the dressing room to change into their choice of a princess dress. Next they come out and sit in chairs to get their hair done, nails done, make up done - all with lots of glitter of course. After that they get all get introduced and walk the runway - they have a ceremony where they get a certificate and a crownfor being a princess. Then they have a dance party on the runway/stage, AJ choose for them all to dance to Justin Bieber's Baby. At the end they went into a party room to have cupcakes and open presents! AJ had SO SO much fun - the place was super adorable and all her friends LOVED it! She was thrilled to celebrate early and is super excited that she gets to celebrate again in June with my mom and brother! What kid doesn't love to have 2 birthdays?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Kids Helping Kids!

Each year AJ & Dylan's preschool has a carnival where they donate all the money to the Children's Hospital. This year over $35,000 was raised! WOW! The kids, Alex and I had a great time and so happy to be part of such an amazing school that gives back!

Mimi, Aunt Nonie & Auntie Visit the New Place

We were very happy to have my mother, my cousin Noelle and Aunt Eileen come and visit us this past week. We just moved into the new house and it was SO nice to have my mom there to set it all up. She is a pro at decorating and hanging pics and I loved all her help. The kids were so happy to have Aunt Nonie and Aunties full attention and they are really missing them all. We shopped till we dropped, visited a Harley dealership, ate lots of nice meals out and just had a really good time enjoying each other! Here are some pics of the visit-

Sunday, April 8, 2012


This years Easter was very low key! We are right spank in the middle of a move and all our stuff is packed! Saturday afternoon the kids dyed their eggs outside (big bonus of living in GA - it's super warm already and we can do messy stuff outside!) Easter morning the kids enjoyed their egg hunt and loved the baskets the Easter bunny left them, we had a lovely morning at church and came home and just relaxed. I had food brought in from one of our fav Italian restaurants and of course I made Easter Bread which was awesome! Hope everyone had a nice Easter - we
just enjoyed being together as a family!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New House

Many peeps have asked for pics of the new place and here it is. Of course these are the realtor pics and now how it will look with our stuff inside, I will post those of course when we move in are are settled.



Front entry with 2 story formal living room -

Another view-

dining room off living room-

kitchen behind dining room-

kitchen with view from family room you can also get to down hall from front door (5th bed room and full bath in front door and off to right behind garage) -

another view-

family room off kitchen and behind garage then spare bedroom and full bathroom, also straight down front hall to the left in back of house-

Downstairs full bathroom-

Master with nice big bathroom and HUGE walk in closet-

Master bath -

Bed upstairs 1-

Bed upstairs 2-

Bed upstairs 3-

Amenities -