Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving - I know we did! There was a small group of 20 this year at my moms house - my uncle is still recovering from his stroke and the 30 we normally had would have been way to much but all in all it was still a great day! I cooked a 20 lb turkey as did my cousin Stephen, my mom did her sausage stuffing (my favorite thing - just gimmy a plate of that with gravy and it's all I need!), the potatoes, corn, broccoli and couliflouer and my aunt Margie did her creamed carrots (another favorite). Dessert was amazing - cousin Noelle did her pumpkin cheesecake (one had a chocolate icing on it - SOOOO GOOOD - just delishious), brother in law Mark did his ambrosia (always a crowd pleaser) and chocolate mouse, and there were all kinds of pies! We all over indulged and enjoyed every moment! Oh almost forgot the apple cider compliments Eddie & Mark, I always love it but for the past two years it just hasn't been the same - no more Och's Cider Mill (depressing!).

Sunday, November 23, 2008


We had the best time at your 50th birthday party and we love you tons and tons!!! Here's to 50 more!!!

What Are Little Girls Made of?

Sugar and spice, and everything nice.

It's SO much fun having a little girl to dress up all cute - what makes it even better is a Grammy that buys her all her clothing by the bulk load! Here are a few pics of AJ in some of Grammy's more recent purchases!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last Morning In Florida

We slept in a little and then started packing for the trip home. It was such a nice vacation and we will miss everyone! Now it's time to start planning for our visit to Grandma & Grandpa in STX in February!

Fort Lauderdale Day 4

Today we woke up and hung out on the deck for a little and had some coffee and muffins. Alex & I then took AJ down to the pool again.

We then went to visit Uncle Peter's business, went to the Christmas shop store where I got some orniments and a angel, then we walked around River Walk/Las Olas and then got AJ back to nap before our big dinner at Mai Kai!

At Mai Kai you get to watch a great show with dancers and fire throwers - it was so much fun and a really great show!

Fort Lauderdale Day 3

Today we got to visit the beach - it was GREAT! AJ LOVED playing in the sand with her new sand toys and LOVED riding the waves with Grandpa, Daddy & Me. She is a beach girl for sure!

We went home to relax for a little after the beach and get some showers while AJ napped. We took a ride on the water taxi for dinner (where we learned Johnny Depps boat was parked in Alex's brothers private marina).

We ate at a place right along the beach on A1A - Beach Front Avenue! Alex and I each had 2 of the "worlds largest margarita"! Alex, Peter & I sat on the swings for dinner and Grandma, Grandpa & AJ sat at an adjoining table inside. AJ made a mess for dinner but had a lot of fun - I think her dinner consisted of catchup, lemon & lime - yummmm!

Later that night Alex, Peter and I snuck down to get a better look at Vajoliraja (Va Joli Raja - think like Captain Jack Sparrow when pronouncing it)!