Monday, August 30, 2010

9 Months

On the 25th Dylan turned 9 months old. Today we had him at the doctor for his wellness visit and here is how he measures up. He is 24 pounds, 8 ounces - 90%, he is 30 inches tall - 100% and his head was in the 65%. Couldn't love my big boy any more! He got two shots and was a champ. Since he has been on a recent bottle strike I was a little concerned about the amount he was getting - the Dr. assured me that as long as he got 12 ounces a day he'd be fine - great - now I can stop force feeding him his bottles and can cut back! Oh and he finally holds his own bottles - woot woot!!!! Dylan has two bottom teeth and is teething pretty hard with 4 top teeth. He is now able to crawl backwards pretty well and he is starting to try to pull up on things. He also can scoot a little like AJ did to get around. He can stand while holding on to something for a bit and he takes some steps when we hold his hands up and walk with him - he is a lot more flat footed and not walking or standing on his toes. He loves his play table and loves sitting in his green chair at it and he pulls up to stand from there! Recently we are all about the mohawk and he looks adorable! He eats everything - peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pancakes are his new favorite things. He LOVES ice cream and had his first cone this month. He gets very upset if he sees his sister with dessert and him with none! He is does SO BIG, claps his hands and yells YAY and bangs on the floor to do bam bam - it's adorable how happy he gets with himself and how you just know he wants you to do it along with him! We love you D man and can hardly believe you will be 1 year in less then 3 months - crazy!

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