Tuesday, June 21, 2011

AJ's 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday to the best, most beautiful girl. AJ we are so proud of the way you have grown these past 4 years and WOW we can't believe how quickly the years have flown by. Thanks for teaching us how to love completely - we never knew this kind of love was possible till you were brought into our world - the love parents have for their children is such a helpless, encompassing and amazing thing. You are beautiful, smart and funny. You can be very competitive and these days you always have to be first! You are a great big sister and couldn't be sweeter to you brother (most of the time anyway)- you are patient with him and love to teach him new things! You love to run and have races, your pretty fast for someone your age. You love swimming, going on walks, and you love to play with your friends. You like cooking, coloring and playing outside. Recently you are into Barbies, Strawberry Shortcake, My LIttle Pony and you still love your Disney Princesses! You are my girly girl with the curly curls! Your father, Dylan and I love you immeasurably - thanks for making life so fun!

This year we had Grandma & Pop Pop in visiting from NJ. You wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese so that's what we did. We brought along your new neighborhood friend Mary Louis and the two of you had a blast! You played games, went on rides, ate pizza, drank juice and had 3 cupcakes throughout the day! One for breakfast and 2 after your pizza!

We love you baby girl - hope you had a fun 4th birthday - Alex and I sure enjoyed it!

The cupcake display I made her-

Birthday Morning - Presents, Traditional Morning Cupcake & More Presents-

Chuck E Cheese, Party Time-

Sketches from Chuck E Cheese that came out really cool-

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