Saturday, April 28, 2012

AJ's 5th Birthday Party

Having a summer birthday is tough sometimes - lots of people go away on vacation or have other things going on so you can't guarantee friends will be around to come. Today AJ celebrated her birthday a little early with her girlfriends at a adorable kids salon called Sweet and Sassy! AJ got her birthday sash right when she walked in and then girls go right to the dressing room to change into their choice of a princess dress. Next they come out and sit in chairs to get their hair done, nails done, make up done - all with lots of glitter of course. After that they get all get introduced and walk the runway - they have a ceremony where they get a certificate and a crownfor being a princess. Then they have a dance party on the runway/stage, AJ choose for them all to dance to Justin Bieber's Baby. At the end they went into a party room to have cupcakes and open presents! AJ had SO SO much fun - the place was super adorable and all her friends LOVED it! She was thrilled to celebrate early and is super excited that she gets to celebrate again in June with my mom and brother! What kid doesn't love to have 2 birthdays?

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