Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Better Just In Time for Christmas!

So we spent Dec 14th - Dec 23rd sick! I started with a soar throat and Dylan followed suit with a fever and he was a snotty mess. AJ got really sick on the 15th and was puking for 2 days and had a high fever. On the 3rd day it was all diarrhea and she was dehydrated and needed to go to the hospital - she had a 104 fever and needed and IV for fluids. She was sick for about 8 full days and had to miss her Christmas party and PJ day at school. I felt SO bad for her. Poor Alex turned 35 and we barely celebrated - all he got was beer, peanut butter cups and brownies from Publix! In true Alex style, he could care less, all that mattered to him was that his little girl was sick and he wanted her better! Well right after she seemed to take a turn for the better I took a turn for the worse! I spent a night puking and then the other fun stuff for two days! Luckily my in laws and brother in law were here to help entertain the kids! Happy to report we were all doing so much better buy the 23rd in the evening and we made it to Medieval Times! We we to the children's mass and had a great Christmas Eve at home with tons of yummy apps and drinks and desserts. The kids sprinkled their reindeer food on the front lawn and were off to bed! Christmas was wonderful - the kids were so excited to open gifts and give gifts. We enjoyed the day home and had lots of good eats. My mother in law made her antipasto and I made home made manicotti and lemon chicken! Dessert was rum cake and it was great! Now on to NJ! SO SO SO excited! Hope it snows! Sick AJ-
Alex's awesome 35th-
Medieval Times-
Christmas Eve-
Christmas Day-

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