Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

We had a nice and quiet Valentine's Day this year. They kids were happy to wake up to chocolate treats and light up roses and then were super excited to head off to school to give out their Valentine's to their friends. AJ was very proud she wrote all her friends names out and signed them all personally, Dylan was just happy his had lollipops attached to them for all his friends! Dylan choose Spider Man and AJ Scooby Doo! They were also excited to give their teachers a small box of chocolates! Alex and I cooked a nice dinner together once the kids were in bed - mushroom risotto, veal saltimbocca and creamed spinach - it was really delicious and cooking together is always fun! Of course there was champagne, wine and a movie to go along with dinner and plenty of snuggles, x's & o's!

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