Friday, May 24, 2013

The End of Her Kindergarten Era

I have so many mixed emotions about AJ's Kindergarten year coming to an end!  It's been absolutely amazing to watch her grow SO much this year and I am super proud of her but I really don't want it to end - I can imagine a post - Bergey world!  Her teacher was truly amazing and had many more outstanding qualities that I could have ever imagined in a Kindergarten teacher - especially with the horrible tragedy that happened this year in Sandy Hook, CT, I can honestly say I truly believed my daughter was loved, cared for and safe in Mrs. Bergey's arms.  The woman is amazing!  She has such love for animals -  she is a certified K-9 for Kids dog trainer and had a golden named Path in the classroom often, they had guinea pigs Caramel & Cookie, a bunny named Sabastian, a lizard named Spots and recently they hatched about 12 or more chicks!  Mrs. Bergey is very into being "green" and taught the kids so much about recycling, keeping the earth clean, growing our own fruits and veges and she even won a compost bin from Tyson Foods that she had put right outside her classroom door!  AJ LOVED saving all our organic compost and brining it to school to put outside in the bin!   Not only did she teach the kids to read, to add and subtract, to write full short stories, all kinds of science experiments and social studies lessons but most impotently she taught them how to love and respect their classmates, how to be a good friend and how to ALWAYS have an attitude of excellence!  She made sure they all felt like schools was their family away from home.  AJ was so happy and so excited to go to school each and every day - she was SO excited all year to go and learn more and more!  Words can't express how grateful I am to have had such an amazing Kindergarten experience - I really am so grateful but SO sad it's over!  Let's hope 1st is as amazing as K was!

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