Sunday, April 27, 2014

Donald Thomas Jones 3/25/34-4/26/14

RIP Uncle Don - thanks for always loving me as your daughter. 

Heaven truly got an angel. Anyones who's ever met the "Chief" know how amazing he was. He stepped in when my dad stepped out and loved me as his own ever since. I have never known a more kind or generous man. He gave us a home when we didn't have one, he gave me a sense of security always, he stuck up for me when I needed him to, he showed me the qualities I wanted in a man and he gave me unconditional love. Oh, and I don't want to neglect his sense of humor - he had a great one - I will always be a "fink", the dogs will always be "numb nuts" and Judy and I always shopped at the "free clothes, shoe and candy store"! I will miss him but I know he is in a much better place with his son who met him with a big smile and open arms!

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