Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dylan's Adenoid Removal

Dylan had his adenoids removed January 9th to help him breath better and sleep better.  The actual surgery went great but he had a hard time coming out of the anesthesia and tried to rip out of his blood pressure cuff and it took the doctor and 2 nurses to hold him down.  He kept coming to and asking sill questions - he looked at the monitor he was hooked up to and asked "What's the score?  Am I winning?"  LOL!  Well it's supposed to be a easy recovery but for Dylan it was the pits!!!!  He wound up getting strep and a sever sinus infection and he was a mess for about 2 weeks - he slept propped up on my bed and was just a pitiful site - he gurgled all night long, struggled to breath and it was very scary!  He finally made it through and is back to himself and sleeping much better at night and I kinda miss my little guy sleeping in bed with me after 8 nights!

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