Thursday, November 6, 2008

Miss Independent!

AJ is really becoming Little Miss Independent - she likes to do everything by herself. She won't let me feed her, she won't hold my hand to walk, she has to brush her own teeth and hair, she likes to clean herself with the washcloth in the tub and wipe her own hands and face when she's done eating and instead of riding in her stroller or being pushed in her car, she insists on being the one that's doing the pushing! As much as I love all her new found skills and independence, it's kinda sad how quickly they grow!!


Anonymous said...

I could watch her walk for HOURS!!! So damn cute!!!

--aunt nonie

Edward Otto Zielke said...

love it, she is becoming such a lady

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing the
matralemadness blog, especially
with the pictures of AJ and all
her little accomplishments. and the
way you discribe food,just blows my mind. Honestly Lauren,you should
write a cookbook with your "yummy"
descriptions,and the great pictures
you take of all the food. I just
love it all.
Luv, Margie