Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving - I know we did! There was a small group of 20 this year at my moms house - my uncle is still recovering from his stroke and the 30 we normally had would have been way to much but all in all it was still a great day! I cooked a 20 lb turkey as did my cousin Stephen, my mom did her sausage stuffing (my favorite thing - just gimmy a plate of that with gravy and it's all I need!), the potatoes, corn, broccoli and couliflouer and my aunt Margie did her creamed carrots (another favorite). Dessert was amazing - cousin Noelle did her pumpkin cheesecake (one had a chocolate icing on it - SOOOO GOOOD - just delishious), brother in law Mark did his ambrosia (always a crowd pleaser) and chocolate mouse, and there were all kinds of pies! We all over indulged and enjoyed every moment! Oh almost forgot the apple cider compliments Eddie & Mark, I always love it but for the past two years it just hasn't been the same - no more Och's Cider Mill (depressing!).

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