Friday, June 25, 2010

7 Months

At 7 months old Dylan is quiet the baby. He sits up perfectly and loves playing with his toys and AJ on his play mat. He rolls over in both directions and we often find him on his belly when he wakes up from sleeping. He eats like a champ - for dinner last night he had some pulsated broccoli and corn and even ate (and loved) some of my homemade chili! He loves corn on the cob, yogurt, ice cream, london broil, chicken, grapes with the skin pealed off, strawberries, bananas, Trader Joe's mac & cheese, chicken noodle soup - the list goes on and on! He is getting pretty good at feeding himself and gets his puffs and other finger foods right in his mouth. He sometimes gets so frustrated while I am feeding him because he desperately wants to grab the spoon and do it himself! He runs around the whole house in the walker - he is so quick we all have to be on our toes and watch out for our feet! Now that he is mobile in the walker, he is into EVERYTHING - so much more trouble then AJ was - he grabs for anything in his reach and gets upset when told no or when we take things away. He loves balloons and we often find him in the playroom trying to get to AJ's birthday balloons. He loves his new seat on the swing set and laughs out loud swinging next to his sister! He puts everything in his mouth and can drool with the best of them but still has no teeth! He loves the pool and kicks his legs and splashes with his hands like crazy. He is still super smiley and is always giggling! We can't wait to see what the next month brings us!

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