Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wellness Visits

Monday, AJ had her 3 year old appointment - she was such a big girl and got her blood pressure taken for the first time, which was adorable. She had some blood drawn with ZERO TEARS (couldn't be prouder of my brave girl), she had a vision screening which came back A OK, she had her throat and ears checked and while looking in her ears she told him they were ok because she wears diamonds in them (adorable), she weighs 29 pounds and is 37 inches tall and was diagnosed a very healthy little girl! We couldn't be happier!

Today Dylan had his 7 month appointment and here is how he measures up. He is 23lbs - 90%, 28 1/2 inches (he grew 2 1/2 inches in 6 weeks!!) which is also the 90% and his head is 17 3/4 inches which is the 70%! WOAH! He got 2 shots (Polio & HIB) and he was a trooper and even smiled at the nurse after she did it! Dr. said he thinks he is going to get all his teeth in at once and he is doing some major teething. He asked what he eats now and I told him everything which the Dr. though was great! He had his vision screening that came back good and we will see Dr. Semel again in 8 weeks! Can't wait to see what the next month brings!

We have 2 very healthy and happy children and for this we couldn't be any more thankful - we are truly blessed!

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