Sunday, September 26, 2010

32 Years Young!

This past Thursday was my 32nd birthday and I feel great! This past year I gained 30 pounds of baby weight and then lost 60 (most of which I never lost after AJ)! I run 4 miles a day M-F, I eat better and I feel better. I am a newer healthier ME! A me that is loving my 30's, a me that loves having enough energy to keep up with my energetic children and a me who loves and cherishes every moment with my husband and who finally once again feels like I make him proud. I feel strong, confident and ready to take on everything coming my way this November!

I had such a great day and then an amazing Saturday night! My mother got me a pair of Tory Bruch flats that I LOVE LOVE LOVE and AJ, Dylan & Alex gave me the best/nicest cards, a new pair of ballet fats, skinny jeans and a top (all from Target) ! AJ & I baked a cake during the day and Alex brought me home some Stretches Chicken Savoy on the bone for dinner. I gave the kids a early dinner and bath before Alex got there so we could just do cake with them and then enjoy our dinner alone! It was SO great! The kids cooperated perfectly, went to sleep early and we had a nice night! Alex also let me know that we were going out to dinner Saturday night and that his parents would take the kids overnight so we could have a morning to sleep in!!! Saturday night we went to the Strip House in Livingston and for an AMAZING meal - we started off with a really great crab cake with a perfectly spicy aioli! For our main course I had the 20 oz bone in rib eye - AWESOME with perfectly crispy fat and Alex had a filet (boring and flavorless in my opinion but it's what he likes and he loved it) - we shared black truffle creamed spinach (hands down the best creamed spinach I have ever had) and some sort of crispy potato (just ok). For dessert we had some awesome pistachio ice cream and did a fun blind port test! I totally guessed right - go me! We went home after dinner and watched the Mountaineers loose to LSU (not horribly like we expected) and then enjoyed sleeping in the next morning!

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