Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Cooking-

I'll keep updating this page as we get closer and closer to Christmas!!!

Baking cookies. I did one batch of chocolate chip coconut and one of white chip and pistachio for Alex to bring to work - they turned out super yummy! The recipe is the Toll House chocolate chip recipe only I don't use any nuts but I throw in a cup of shredded coconut! For the pistachio white chip ones you make them the same as the Chocolate chip but instead of chocolate chips and coconut add white chips and crushed up pistachios!

Making the stuffed breads. We did one sausage, pepper, onion and cheese and one pepperoni & cheese. They smelled SO good cooking! Now the are in the freezer and ready to go on Christmas Eve. The recipe is here, just type sausage into the search engine and the basic recipe should show up! Feel free stuff with whatever floats your boat!

Here are a few shots of me making the manicotti to freeze for Christmas - this way I just have to pop them in the oven that day and not be bothered with them but we can all still enjoy the deliciousness of them!!! The freezer in the garage is really starting to come in handy now! If you want the recipe you can find it if you put in manicotti in the search engine at the top of my page!

Sloppy Joes on Chrismas Eve-
Other Christmas Eve Goodies-

Christmas Day Stuffed Mushrooms & Brie with carmelized onions and cranberries in puff pasty-

The Meats & Cheese (from the Italian Specialty Butcher here) & my MIL's Antipasto-

The most amazing meat filet mignon tenderloin from the butcher marinated in garlic and oil-


Merry Christmas to All!

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Edward Otto Zielke said...

isnt the extra freezer the best ... it really comes in handy with parties