Thursday, January 13, 2011

GA Snow!

Well for the second time since we have been here we got some snow! We woke up to about 6 inches and this time it was enough to close down the entire metro area including our county schools for an entire week and close Alex's office for 3 days! NJ would have laughed this in the face and things would have been up and running by noon! The problem is there are no plows or salt trucks that make the rounds and since it was cold enough all the snow and freezing rain turned into a few inches of solid ice! Alex and I drove 2 different times to the grocery store around the corner out of sheer boredom and just to see how bad it was and it was REALLY BAD - people were stuck everywhere and we were slipping and sliding in our 4WD vehicle too! Even the main roads were just covered inches of thick ice! We watched from our window for days people trying to get up the hill out of our development to no avail! People would get stuck and park right out in front of our house - at one point there were about 8 cars out there! Luckily things were getting better enough by Thursday so Alex could make it to the airport to get our visitors from NJ and after being cooped up SO long we were so glad to have new faces to look at!!!

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