Thursday, January 20, 2011

NJ Visitors

This past week we were thrilled that Mimi, Auntie & Aunt Nonie came to visit us in GA! They got here Thursday morning and Auntie & Nonie stated till Monday morning and Mimi was here till Wednesday afternoon! We got in tons of shopping at 2 great malls, visited Harley in Roswell, ate at some awesome restaurants (5 Seasons Brewing where they brew their own beer and we got some awesome organic burgers and the best ever onion rings, Adobo for Mexican and Margaritas and DANCING, Smokejack for some great BBQ - burnt tips were the bomb, and gold ole' Outback Steakhouse!), hit up Atlanta and toured CNN and the Olympic Park and just hung around home and acted silly and played with the kids! We were so sad when everyone left and we hope they come back soon!

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