Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

WOW - we had such a great weekend this year! Friday night we just stayed in and ordered up some pizza and watched a little Friday Night Lights. Saturday we hit up the pool, did a little grocery shopping, drank a few arnold palmers and I cooked up some baby back ribs and some coleslaw - ribs came out great! Sunday we were excited to hit up the Windermere Park BBQ - we got to meet so many cool families and the kids had such a blast running around with the tons of other kids! Monday we saw some of our new friends at the pool, we ate lunch up there and then we came home and had some bacon and cheddar sliders for dinner - it was off to bed early for everyone - we were all tired and needed a good nights sleep!

A special thanks to all the soldiers past and present who keep our country safe! Without you we may not get to enjoy nice holiday weekends like this!

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