Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I had such a nice Mother's Day! Alex, the kids and I went to church and then came home to relax a little before going to brunch at Lucianos! We had a great meal, a few drinks and then came home and relaxed more before going to bed! I missed my mom terribly today but I know she will be here on Thursday and I can't wait to see her - the wind beneath my wings!

Dylan, you are mammas baby boy for sure and always will be, thanks for showing me how fun (and terrifying) it is to mother a boy - I love my crazy and terrible toddler more then words! I can't ever really be mad at you - you have the most amazing smile, laugh and the bluest of blue eyes!

AJ you are the best most beautiful daughter in the world - it's amazing to me to have a best friend that I get to share the world with - you amaze each and every day! You are super smart and super gorgeous and have the most beautiful curly curls in your hair!

Thank you both for making my life crazy, amazing, fun and totally unpredictable!

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