Thursday, August 4, 2011


leftover cold risotto (I used a parm flavored one)
leftover meat gravy
mozzarella chunks
Italian seasoned panko
olive oil for frying
egg beat up

Grab a meatball sized amount of risotto and form into a ball. Push finer in to make a hole for some stuffing. Stuff with small amount of meat gravy, 2-3 peas & a mozz chunk. Put a little more risotto over hole to seal it up and roll back into ball shape. Dip balls in flour then egg then coat in panko. Place balls in fridge till ready to fry (helps firm them up a bit too). When you are ready heat oil in a pan, fry the balls a few at a time evenly on all sides and place in oven to keep warm till they are all done. Serve sprinkled with some grated parm over your favorite marinara!

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