Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a great thanksgiving we had today. It's still very hard for me to be away from my side of the family for the holidays but I am very thankful that we had mom & dad Matrale here up from NJ and Alex's brother Peter up from FL! I got up early and baked cupcakes for Dylan's second birthday tomorrow and then got right on Thanksgiving dinner. I put out home made pumpkin rolls early to snack on and they were gone quick! We played outside for a bit - the kids drove around in their new wheels (Grandma & Pop Pop gave them their gift for Christmas early), we watched football, we watched some other shows, skyped with the Matrale's back in NJ, had a awesome dinner and then had a pajama party complete with desserts, games, dancing and simon says! What a great day we had together with loads of laughs, lots of love and tons to be thankful for!

Don't want to forget to mention the special place settings we had. I got the beautiful dishes from my Aunt Margie, the silver from Alex's nana, and the beautiful center bowl & table cloth from my mom, some of the other dishes the food was served on came from my mother in law, and from both of my grand mothers! It made me feel blessed to have a little piece of those near, far and passed with me on Thanksgiving!

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