Saturday, February 11, 2012

AJ's First Sleep Over!

Last night AJ had her very first sleep over with her friend Gaelle from school. From the second I drove them home from school the girls we super great and had such a fun time being silly, showing off their dance moves, doing some gymnastics for, playing games, making music, telling secrets and just running around being crazy kids. We took them out for pizza & ice cream, we did some tattoos, they had lots of snacks, watched Strawberry Shortcake movies and made sure to wear their glow bracelets to bed! They were asleep by 930 and slept till about 8 this morning. After breakfast there was just enough time for a little fun in the playroom before Gaelle's mom came. I always loved sleep overs when I was younger and it just makes me so excited to be experiencing the fun of them all over again with my daughter.

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