Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! This morning my two little Valentine's enjoyed a special breakfast and got some special treats. I made a special lunch for AJ I sent to school. And she really enjoyed handing out and receiving all her Valentine's with her friends at school.

Here she is signing our homemade Valentine's that Daddy & I designed and created!

Here is her Valentine's lunch-

Tonight Alex and I enjoyed date night at one of our favorite restaurants - Vinny's and it did not disappoint! We started with some lobster ravioli and then I had a veal chop and Alex had a yummy seafood risotto. For dessert we had a yummy creme brule and of course we enjoyed some cocktails! Even though he makes me feel like most days are Valentine's Day it was nice to have a special date with my main man! Love you Alex, AJ & Dylan and even though Valentine's Day is a little cliche to some, I will always be happy to celebrated days were I get to show you all how much Love you!

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