Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mimi & Miss Margie's GA Visit

I was beyond happy to have my mother and God Mother come for a visit - we were all TOTALLY surprised when we saw Mimi walk out of the airport with a familiar face in tow - it was AWESOME. Not only did they get to spend AJ's 5th birthday here with us but we got in tons of shopping, eating and other fun family time! They kids were SO happy that my mother's sister (my God Mother) finally got here for a visit. They totally came up with the best nick name ever - Dylan out of the blue called her Miss Margie on the car ride home from the airport and it stuck - we all totally enjoyed the sound of it each and every time! We were so excited to get to some antique shops here and all the home accessory shops. My Aunt bought me the most fantastic antique chest and a great lamp and my mother's decorating skills made the amazing living room complete with new art work, lamps, pictures, a new accent table, a floral arrangement she did herself and quite a few other knick knacks! Always love having family and so do the kids and this visit was very special - so happy Miss Margie finally made it down south - we all hope she comes back again soon, next time with Joo Joo!!!
AND almost forgot - Alex and I got in a Mexican date night! Woohoo!!!

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