Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Extended 4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July here in GA! Alex took off a few days and we did lots of fun things over the long weekend! Alex got out at noon on the 3rd and we celebrated with some orange jello shots and some chips with homemade salsa (made from tomatoes and peppers from my garden) and homemade guacamole!
On the 4th our pool had a big party with free pizza and drinks and they had a dj and we played games. AJ and D loved trying out hula hooping and AJ was really good at it. Dylan was happy to get to drink a coke and we were all excited for some grilled sliders with sautéed onions and dogs and the fireworks - we even lit off a few of our own this year! Our neighborhood put off the most amazing display - it was incredible and SO unclose and personal - really cool to watch out on the golf course!
Thursday we went out for a nice breakfast at place we have never been - J Christopher's - and it's a keeper! Very yummy - I had eggs benedict, the kids had their first chocolate chip pancakes and Alex a smorgasbord!
On Friday we hit up 6 Flags (Great Adventure for all my Jersey peeps)and we were amazed how many rides had no line and how many cool roller coasters, water rides and slides and other rides the kids could do. This meant I only got a few shots of them on the more babyish rides because Alex and I were riding on the bigger ones with them!
Saturday we hit the pool up early and then came home to relax and I cooked up a awesome meal of crab legs and clams - SO good!
Sunday we hit the pool early again and came home to relax more and I cooked up another delicious meal of sausage, cannelloni beans, white wine, broccoli rate, garlic and parm reggiano cheese - YUMM!
It was a great extended weekend spent with my 3 favorite people! 2 weeks of normalcy (camp for the kids, lots of running and chores for me, work for Alex) and then we hit the beach! Can't wait!

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