Tuesday, September 11, 2012

911 2012

I think about you frequently - you are missed dearly and NEVER forgotten. I make sure to tell my kids about you and show them pictures - they would have loved you and you them! It's hard to be in Georgia away from the family, especially on this day, I feel disconnected from it all. Sadly being in NJ or NY where there are SO many who understand what you are going through all too well was always comforting. This year I was fortunate enough to find a beautiful flag display at a nearby high school that I took Dylan with me to go and visit. It made me feel a little better to be able to go and honor/remember you in some way. I posted to Facebook the pic of you and I from Steve's wedding and Michele and I laughed about the crazy fun day we all had! You spirit lives on in my happy memories and in your beautiful children. RIP and continue to shine down and watch over us all, until we meet again.

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