Saturday, October 20, 2012

Amicalola Falls State Park

Today was the perfect day - we had perfect sunny cool fall weather and fall foliage is at it's peak so we decided it was the perfect day to get out into nature and enjoy it! Amicalola Falls State Park is BEAUTIFUL! It's the start of the Appalachia Trail that starts here in GA and leads all the way to Maine. We started off with a easy hike to the falls. It's a flat short path that is easy for anyone and wheel chair accessible. I recommend it to anyone - the view is amazing and the falls are breath taking! From there we drove back down the mountain and did a much harder trail that lead to the reflecting pond which the falls all lead into. The kids did great - they had a blast and really appreciated that their efforts lead to something so pretty! After that we went back to the picnic area and had lunch and played on the playground. We had a great afternoon and will definitely get back there - hopefully soon!

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