Tuesday, December 16, 2008

AJ's First Bloody Nose!

AJ and Christopher LOVE playing with each other and are super close but we also must remember they are toddlers and we can't expect too much compliance out of them! Usually what happens is AJ gets frustrated and cries her eyes out for no reason - like Chris has her sippy cup - she has his but wants both or he has a toy she was showing zero interest in till he had it and she all of a sudden decides she is in dire need of it! Today however her crying was for good reason - I guess while in the kitchen Christopher pushed AJ into the opened fridge door and she started crying. This wasn't an ordinary AJ cry - this was a real one and Michele and I both knew it and went running for the kitchen - AJ's nose was gushing blood - from both nostrils! I managed to get it stopped quick and her crying was over and done with and Michele managed to get Christopher to apologize after a few protests! All was happy - till Christopher spilled coffee all over himself and he was crying and then AJ started (got hysterical - tears and all) because her cousin was sad! Here is a before shots of them playing nicely and one of AJ in Chris's tunnel that she loves!!!

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