Sunday, October 4, 2009

Damn It!

So I guess Alex and I REALLY need to start curbing what we say around AJ - she has recently picked up the phrase "damn it". As funny as it is to hear (she uses it very correctly) we are doing our best to not laugh and tell her that isn't a nice thing to say in hope she'll stop. I don't want to be the mom who needs a talking to once she starts preschool because my daughter is teaching the other kids bad things! Well here are some of the instances she has used it in...

She spilled water on herself in her car seat - "I spilled my water damn it."
Alex took Marley outside without her - "Daddy took Mar Mar out damn it."
There were no tissues left in the box- "There no more tissues damn it."
We didn't buy her the baby she wanted in the store today- "I want baby damn it."

Well folks she may look like an angel...

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