Sunday, October 11, 2009

Little Explorers Class - Weeks 4 & 5

Week 4 - Squirrels & Acorns!

We started out class with a story about squirrels and acorns. Next we got to go outside and plan out own acorns in the ground in hopes a tree will sprout next spring. All the kids put there names on popsicle sticks and stuck that in the ground where there's was so we can check on it from time to time. When we got back into the classroom we then got to color in a squirrel and attach a bushy tail to it - we then sang a song and shook our own bushy tails!! The kids all had a great time!

Week 5 - Autumn Leaves

This week we stared out class by decorating brown paper bags with our names on them. We then went to the rug to read a short story about the leaves in the fall. Next we went outside on a walk through the trails to collect all different colored and shaped leaves into our bags. When we got back to class we made these really cool window hangings with all the leaves we found. AJ, Fiona & Shane had a great time walking hand in hand through the woods making all kinds of loud noises and laughing hysterically - they are all so cute and really fun to watch these days!

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