Sunday, July 25, 2010

8 Month's

Happy 8 months to our big happy boy. Let's see this month Dylan started babbling, he cut his first tooth, learned to drink from his sippy cup and he learned to clap and yell yay (or his own version of yay). He loves playing pete and repete, he loves peek a boo and does it himself with his blankie, he has had his first solid poop and he has become quiet the little eater - there is really no real food he turns away. Today for lunch he had turkey & cheese on whole wheat with mayo and last night for dinner some mac & cheese, creamed spinach and some lemon chicken! I cut everything into small pieces and he loves it all. This week we cut him back to 3 8oz bottles a day since we think he is getting plenty of real food and I can't wait to be done with bottles! I will probably start him on some whole milk in his sippy cup in about 2 months and then gradually ween him from there. He loves chasing after AJ in the walker, he loves swimming, he loves reading with mommy & daddy, he loves music and shaking bells or shakers and he loves banging things on his tray or on tables. He is a big healthy growing boy with the bluest most beautiful eyes, he really is a good baby and we are so blessed to have 2 wonderful kids - while on vacation we got lots of compliments on the beach on what good kids we have and we couldn't agree more (most of the time) - we are proud parents for sure! Happy 8 month's D!

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