Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ortley Beach!

This past week, Alex, AJ, Dylan and I went with my mother, my brothers, my sister in law and my niece down the shore. We had a really amazing time and all in all had pretty great weather. It rained 1 or 2 days but it cleared up just in time to ensure me too much sun, which for me means a perfect vacation! We took the kids to the boardwalk a few times, AJ did the rides (D got on a few too) and we played games, they both ate ice cream and we just really enjoyed the time with family. One day we went out for breakfast to Sunny Hunny and another day out to dinner at Klees! The rest of the time complements Maria & I, we ate in and everything was super yummy! I managed to get my daily runs in and really, really enjoyed them in the fresh, salty hot air! I even ran once with my brother and schooled him, which to me is a pretty big deal since I don't think I have ever beaten him at anything in my life - it also means I am in pretty decent shape and that my hard work is paying off! Alex & I just really loved relaxing with family and watching AJ and Dylan enjoy their Mimi, Aunt & Uncles and their cousin Julia (who by the way became a pretty big dare devil, fearless walker by the end of the week)!

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the handlers said...

amazing pics!!!! i dont know if i missed these on fb or didnt post them yet, but so glad i checked in!!!! i love the pic that you're cuddling dylan and where aj is burying him in the sand. so cute, and you look wonderful!!!