Sunday, October 31, 2010

Good Bye to The Carras Cousins, The Weinribs & The Markferding Cousins

So happy to get to say goodbye to so many loved ones! Last night we got to see Aunt Marie, Tracy, Nick, Chris & Matt. AJ LOVES playing with the boys - they all played outside in the leaves and then we chowed down on some pizza, subs, and desserts! We are going to miss them all a ton and hope they make the trip down south soon!

This morning the Weinribs came by to say a quick goodbye - AJ is going to miss her little boyfriend David SO much! It means the world to me that my daughter and son and one of my best friends from high schools son got to be friends! Very special and we will miss them tons!

Then, this afternoon the Markferding cousins came by to say goodbye - I love my cousin Jacky to pieces and her kids are just the best! It was so nice to sit, talk, eat some subs, watch some football and just relax with them a little bit! I always love to see them and I am SO happy we got a visit before we left!

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