Monday, April 11, 2011

Mimi's Visit from NJ!

This past week we were lucky enough to have Mimi come visit - it was SO nice to have her here - the kids really enjoyed her! It worked out great since AJ was on spring break so it was extra nice to have help entertaining the kids! She came in a day late since her flight was cancelled but a nice ticketer at the airport arranged for her to stay a extra day due to the hassle of being canceled the day before. When she got here AJ was at her last day of school before break and she was SO SO excited to have her in the car when I picked her up - we went out for pizza that night! The next day we went shopping at the outdoor and indoor mall and had a nice Outback dinner! On Sunday we visited the mini feeding/petting farm and Mimi loved all the animals! We had a picnic lunch we brought with us and then headed home - later on that day Alex and I got to sneak out and we hit up Taco Mac while Mimi watched the kids - thanks so much mom - it was so nice to enjoy some alone time with my man! That night we grilled some burgers and dogs, had some corn on the cob and some baked beans! On Monday Mimi, the kids and I hit up Neimans Last Call where she got me a awesome summery Marc Jacobs bag - LOVE YOU MOMMY! We then stopped at Johnny Rockets for a yummy snack and then headed home! That night Mimi cooked her famous spaghetti & meatballs for us and was nice enough to make tons of meatballs so we could freeze some for another meal! It was so nice to have her cook up some comfort food! On Tuesday we hit up Target and just relaxed home - for dinner we grilled skirt steaks to go with our asparagus and oven roasted potatoes! Wednesday we relaxed home till it was time to take Mimi to the airport - we were SO SAD to see her go and can't wait till she comes back! Dylan is still running around looking for her calling out "MIMI MIMI MIMI" and both AJ & D miss all the spoiling that went on and all the books Mimi read to them! Oh almost forgot to mention - I got lots of outdoor runs in with Mimi here - normally I have to do the treadmill unless Alex is home but it was SO nice to get in lots of outside neighborhood runs with all the summery weather we are having here in GA!

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