Friday, July 1, 2011

Quite the Conversations With My 4 Year Old!

So AJ's become quite the inquisitive 4 year old and our conversations in the car have become quite intense for me. Here are our two most recent conversations and boy do I need help! She's growing up WAY too fast for me!

So our car discussion on the way to camp this morning (6/29) consisted of AJ asking when she was going to "get big boobs" like me and why only girls get them and how she can't forward to picking her up at camp and finding her lounging with some boy in a baby pool...rewind to about a week ago at camp and she's on bean bag chair with another boy watching cat in the hat! OH BOY! Daddy get your gun ready!

AJ's car talk today (6/30) - Mommy, was I in your belly when you had your wedding? Nope. Then she asked how she got in my belly, so I explained to her that after mommies and daddies get married they love each other so much and a baby started to grow and she said, oh you grew me and daddy grew dylan to which I then had to explain that only girls have babies and she said, "oh like boobs!" Then she asked if me and daddy still love each other so much because she really want a baby sister!

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