Saturday, October 8, 2011

7 Years!

Happy Anniversary to Alex & I - we've been together 15 years this past June and married for 7 years today! What a crazy ride it's been from high school in NJ to college in WV, where we picked up 2 dogs along the way. Then it was back to NJ where we bought our first house, got married and had 2 beautiful amazing kids together. Now life finds us in here in GA, missing family like crazy but so lucky in love we can get through anything together - happily! We have had some crazy times in the past 15 years but I wouldn't change a thing - we love each other eternally, have a very strong and very happy marriage, we are partners, best friends & lovers! LOVE YOU ALEX - can't wait to see what the next years bring us!

This year we decided to just hang home - AJ was just getting over her walking pneumonia & Dylan was starting to cough a little himself so we decided it was best to lay low, have some delicious home cooked food, drink some champagne & do what we do best - enjoy each others company! We started off around 5 with some champagne & puff pastry stuffed with brie, sauteed onions and cranberries. Then we fed the kids, got them baths and put them to bed early!! From there we moved on to clams in butter, garlic & white wine, crusty bread for dipping in the clam broth and grilled rib eyes! For dessert I attempted my very first tiramisu and it turned out super - it wasn't hard to make and tasted SO SO good! We laid around on the couch, had a fire, watch some football and other tv and just had a really great anniversary! We are truly blessed!

recipe here -

For clams all you do is soak them in water for a few hours, changing the water each 1/2 hour or so to remove the sand. Then you heat up a few TBS butter and a few cloves of garlic, add about a cup of white wine and reduce a little, add the clams and cover. Cook till clams open and discard any that don't!

Tiramisu (will post amazing recipe)-

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