Monday, October 3, 2011

Walking Pneumonia

After over a week of a nasty cough and now a fever for AJ we went back to the doctor to for some answers. On Thursday we were sent home with a inhaler tube thing and a nebulizer treatment but had to go back the next day to see if the wheeze the doctor was hearing was gone - well it wasn't so we were sent for a chest x-ray that came back inconclusive. They did see some fluid on the lungs so they say she was in the early stages of walking pneumonia - GREAT! She was put on a z-pack and a home nebulizer every four hours and tylenol and motrin as needed for her fever. Poor AJ wad miserable and has no appetite for days - she even dropped 2 lbs and the fever lasted through Sunday. Finally Sunday evening we started to see some signs of improvement - the antibiotics were working - YAY! Monday we went back to the doc for a checkup and she agreed she was doing a ton better and that as long as her fever was gone for 24 hours (which would mean she was not contagious) we could go back to school on Tuesday - YAY! Tuesday came and she was still fever free and off to school she went! Like all moms, I HATE seeing my babies sick or in any kind of pain and seeing her like this really took it's toll and I couldn't be happier she is feeling more like her old self and starting to eat again! We still have to keep up the nebulizer every four hours during the day but she's been a trooper and handles it like a old pro!

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