Wednesday, March 21, 2012

100 Days!

AJ's class has been counting the days of school each day they are there since day one and they finally got to 100 and got to have their 100 day's of school party. Her teacher has been teaching them to count by fives and by tens and AJ is totally into it and really good at it. At their party they had to each bring in 100 of something to eat and then they made a party mix out of it to enjoy all together. AJ insisted on wearing her princess dress and when she came out of school she was wearing her silly 100 glasses! I love my kids school SO much - they do really great things!

Here she is counting out her pretzels and then all finished - she and I were both very proud of her work!

Here she is in her princess dress all ready and of course one with Dylan-

Here is her class enjoying their party-

And finally one with her silly glasses-

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