Thursday, March 29, 2012

Marley Matrale

Today we lost a huge part of our family. After battling all kinds of tumors and cancer and skin lesions from the cancer we had to put Marley down. Everyone's heart is aching and it was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. AJ and I cried all the way to her school drop off this morning and when it came time to head to the vet Alex and I could barley get there. We made sure to stay with our first baby till he took his last breath here on earth. I was very peaceful and very quick but we are having a very hard time grasping the fact that he is gone. AJ is beside herself and is carrying around a picture of him. Alex couldn't' bare to go into work with all the tears he and I have be shedding. The house feels so empty without him. We are finding comfort in the fact we know Don, Nesta and all the other family members (furry and not) met him at the gates. AJ said she hopes there are lots of trees and toys for him in heaven.

We got Marley from the pound in WV in February of 99' when he was only a few months old. He came right over to Alex and nuzzled up into his lap and we knew he was ours. He was a crazy, feisty pup who was always on the run, chewing on rocks, barking like crazy, nipping at my toes and getting into tons of trouble. We loved him through all of college and than he made the trip back to NJ with us, lived in our first home there, experienced 2 pregnancies and the birth of his 2 siblings - AJ & Dylan. He came with us everywhere pets were allowed. He took the long trek down to GA with us, made it back to NJ with us for vacation last summer and then all the way back to GA. It is here that he came to his final resting place. He was always our protector - all 4 of us. He was the most dedicated family member. He stayed loyal and loving till the end. RIP Mar Mar - we will love you always.

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AM said...

oh my goodness you made me cry so much!!! I am so sorry about Marley!! love the story and all the pictures!! xoxox Marley!!!