Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 33...

Mild acid indigestion (easily cured with Mylanta!)
Very bad back pain, most uncomfortable when sitting - go figure (easily cured by my amazing husband who rubs it EVERY single night!)
Pelvic pressure & pain when I walk too much (Doc said don't walk as much - easier said than done when you have a crazy toddler you must entertain every day)
Hungry all the time (although this is nothing new - even not pregnant we all know I LOVE to eat!)
Have to pee all the time (I just use the bathroom every time AJ does and I'm fine!)
Carrying low (Doc said to get maternity girdle but I don't think I will bother - note to self, do a ton of sit ups before even thinking about baby #3)
Finally have crib and dresser set up (AJ doesn't seem to mind sharing a room = so far, so good, keeping fingers crossed!)
Started washing NB & some 0-3 month clothing, blankets, bibs & burp cloths (need to buy a few more all in ones and a pack of white long sleeve onesies but that's about it for NB & 0-3 month clothing!!)
Need to get bassinet/co-sleeper that fits in our ever shrinking bedroom (still not sure what to do about this one???)
Doc next week, then two weeks after that and then I start with every week visits at 36 weeks! (crazy!)
Every time we pass by St. Barnabas AJ says happily "Mommy have baby Dylan there, not yet, he too little" (finally she is over saying she is going to hit baby dylan and now she says she will help me change his diaper and give him hugs and kisses - thank goodness!!!)
We are all getting so excited in the Matrale household - soon it will be time and we couldn't be any happier to be bringing our little boy home to share our lives and love with him!

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Staci said...

I love this post!!! Such exciting times ahead and you look beautiful in your pics :) Can't wait for your little Dylan to make his arrival!!