Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little Explorers Nature Class - Week #2

This week we went out to the garden to pick veges - carrots, potatoes, green beans & peppers. Then we went on a nature walk through the woods and got to see all kinds of neat stuff like a few different ground hog holes, cattail plants, a frog pond and a flower garden. Toward the end of our walk it started to rain which made AJ happy because she got to use her new umbrella (that she LOVES and wants to use all day even inside)! Then we went back to the classroom - we sang some songs and looked at pictures of different animals. Next we watched the teacher cut open an apple to count the seeds and then she gave us a demonstration of how to plan our own apple seeds. Everyone got their own apple to cut open and we counted our seeds and recored how many each child had - we got to take their seeds home with some growing soil and a little pot to try to plant them ourself! I really enjoy this class with AJ - it's so much fun and we both really look forward to it each week!

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