Thursday, September 10, 2009

Little Explorers Nature Class

In addition to AJ's music lessons, we signed her up for this class at the Roseland Environmental Center. What really enticed me was the price of the class ($5/class and they go through November - can't beat that), but now that we have had the first one I would definitely paid a lot more for them! We had such a great first class. When the kids got there they all got to make name tags - they were little frogs that they got to color in. Next we went outside for a nature hunt - we had all different things that we were looking for - frogs, clam shells, turtle shells, cattails, moss, poison ivy, duckweed and we got to go see the passaic river! It was really fun to walk the kids through the woods on the trails and then touch and see some of the different things. After our nature walk, we went back into the classroom and got to see a raccoon skin and then played a matching game of the things we just saw and learned about. I love this class and really can't wait for next week!!!

Almost forgot - what makes the class even more special is AJ's friends Fiona & Shane are in it!!!

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