Thursday, September 24, 2009

Little Explorers Nature Class - Week #3

This week we learned all about the Monarch butterfly. We learned how they grow, that they are orange and black in color and that they taste really bad which is why other animals/insects don't eat them! Next Mrs Barbara read the kids a story about butterflies and then we sang a song and flew around the room!

Then the kids made their own butterflies with a coffee filter, a pipe cleaner and black and orange crayons. Here is a pic of AJ's!

The kids then took their butterflies outside for a hunt/walk, along the way we found different butterfly pictures that led us to the next.

We got to see a real Monarch cocoon (which we learned is called a chrysalis) and found a tiny snapping turtle that we delivered back to the passiac river where we watched him return to the water (turtle is in the third picture below - he is the little circle shape about a 1/2 inch from the water in between two groups of leaves - see him???)!

Once again, we had a great class that the kids & moms enjoyed!

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