Sunday, November 1, 2009

Daylight Savings!

We set the clocks back an hour this morning at 2AM and so we were expecting AJ to wake up at 5:30 AM instead of her normal 7:00 AM...well she did really awesome and slept till 6:30! It was great! We got up and had our normal Sunday family breakfast and then still found ourselves with a bunch of time to kill before football so off to the Turtle Back Zoo we went! It was a awesome morning at the zoo - no lines and got to see & hear a lot of great things! The bears were right up against the observation window - we have NEVER seen them this close - they were rubbing up against the window and almost interacting with us! Next we went and actually got to see the wolves - all summer they are hard to get a look at as they don't love the heat. After that it was up to the farm where we got to see the HUGE working horse up close, see the pig up and actually moving around and eating, hear the cow moo and the donkey eeee aww! We got to see the new Gibbon & Crane exhibits which are really cool - they Gibbons are such great gymnasts! Finally we rode the train - the views were beautiful - it's a little past peak for the tree colors but it was still really nice and they weren't bare just yet! Alex & I are so happy we had that extra hour today to spend as a family - it was really nice - when we got in the car AJ even told us she had a great time at the zoo!

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