Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All About AJ!

She always skips the #4 when counting.
She loves Caillou, Dragon Tales & The Berenstain Bears.
She recently is afraid of the dark and the imaginary dinosaurs and lions in her playroom.
She loves playing basketball (what she calls bouncing and throwing the big balls around with daddy)!
She LOVES salad - we end each dinner with one and she can eat an adult sized portion easily!
When it's too quiet she is either in the bathroom playing with something she shouldn't, in our room putting lotion all over her face, hands and feet (and I mean ALL OVER), in the kitchen eating sugar out of the dish or playing in the flour from the baking drawer, or she in our room standing up on top of my night stand turning the light switch on and off!
When she is caught doing whatever it is she isn't supposed to be doing she lets out a big and happy "HI MOMMY"!
She watches the Simpsons with daddy every night after dinner - and I must let everyone know that I DO NOT APPROVE OF THIS AT ALL!!!
She is very excited to become a big sister and constantly talks about baby Dylan - she always tells me how much she is going to teach him and the things she is going to help me do for him!
She recently tried to feed her baby cousin Julia a Frito - I literally left the two of them alone for less then 30 seconds and this is what I came back to! I am going to have to watch her like crazy with Dylan!
She calls her music teacher Mr. Goose instead of Mr. Bruce!
She calls Nana (her great grandmother) Banana!
Orange juice (the only juice she ever has and only 1/2 cup each morning) is always called apple juice.
She is very good at being polite - she says please, thank you, your welcome and blesses you when you sneeze!
She loves helping around the house and is my little shadow - she especially loves helping fold laundry, setting the dinner table at night and feeding Marley his breakfast and dinner.
She loves Marley, who she calls MarMar, but most of the time a little too much!
She insists on going with daddy outside each morning and night, no matter how cold it is to let Marley out and do the recycling.
She recently learned the phrase "it's not fair" and uses it every time she doesn't get her way!
She narrates much of what she does all day and frequently talks in the 3rd person.
She likes watching golf with daddy and yells out "in the hole" or "nice shot" and whenever we are watching football, no matter what game it is, she always cheers for the Mountaineers "Let's go Mountaineers" and knows to say "touchdown" when our team scores!
She is easily frustrated, she gives up way too quick and yells "I CAN'T" - we try to encourage her that she can and let her know mommy and daddy are always there to help, but it isn't easy!
She has the worst fake smile for pictures!
She remembers everything and can tell you things like what Uncle Jason does for a living, where Uncle Peter lives, both her and my doctors names, everyone in the family's dogs names, and all kinds of other stuff you only mention once!
She love looking at pictures and pointing everyone out.
She likes using the word "probably" - "We are probably going to class today", "Chris is probably home", "I am probably going to have cupcakes"!
She loves jumping on our bed and messing up all the pillows and blankets no matter how annoyed I get!
She is a daddy's little girl for sure and knows that she always gets her way with him - must be those beautiful blues!
She is funny, loves being silly, has the greatest giggle and has a great sense of humor - just like her dad!
She loves playing with other kids and I know she is going to just love preschool in January!
She loves going "to classes" with her friends Shane & Fiona or going to Mimi's to play with Chris and baby Julia.
She gives me the best hugs and kisses all day long and loves to snuggle with me when watching her shows on TV!
Every once in a blue moon she will let me rock her to sleep and I LOVE IT when she does (mommy's guilty pleasure)!
She repeats and repeats and repeats her questions or statements till she is acknowledged - I guess you would call that persistence!
She loves cooking - now that is MY GIRL!
Pepperoni is her favorite pizza topping.
I could go on and on about the best little girl in the world - I am so lucky and proud to be her mother and wouldn't change one thing about her - the good and even the not so good! She is beautiful both inside and out and she amazes us all on a daily basis! WE LOVE YOU TONS AND TONS AJ!!!

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