Thursday, November 12, 2009

Little Explores Class Week 9

This week we learned all about recycling! Mr. Barbara brought in a bag of garbage and we decided together if it should go in the regular garbage can, the plastic, bottles and cans bin or the paper bin. Each child then took a turn going up and throwing something into it's proper bin - after each went up, we clapped for them - the kids were SO cute and had big, shy smiles when they herd our applause - it was adorable! Next we made picture frames out of recycled things and then we read a book. Finally we went outside to see a greenhouse made of recycled plastic bottles and then went to see the Environmental Centers bins for recycling - it was really great! Unfortunately we didn't go on much of a walk today - I was kinda hoping a long walk in the woods would maybe start some labor contractions - NO SUCH LUCK!

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