Thursday, February 25, 2010

3 Months!

Let's see, at 3 months he currently weighs in at 15lbs (80%) and he is 24 inches tall (75%). He is eating like a champ - five 7oz bottles a day and is on a good set schedule (we all know babies and mommy's both thrive on a nicely set schedule). He goes to sleep at 7:30 pm and is only waking once at night for a bottle around 2:30 am and then easily falls right back asleep till 7 am - can't complain. He LOVES his bouncer, his play mat and the jumparoo. On the play mat he bats and grabs for everything and kicks his legs like crazy! In the jumparoo he is actually spinning one of the wheels and he bounces like a champ! He is such a happy baby and he is always sporting a huge smile. Recently he started laughing - it's a half laugh but it's adorable! He loves bathtime and pays attention during story times with AJ. He also LOVES watching tv - UGH! He adores his big sister and is always watching everything she does of course smiling away. She loves him back and the two of them are so fun to watch - AJ recently starting playing patty cake with him - he loves it!

Happy 3 months D! In this short time you have brought so much joy and love to so many - we are so so lucky to have you and can't imagine our crazy house without you!

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