Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mimi Visits GA!

So happy that my mom came to visit us! I missed her so much and so did the kids - it was so nice to have her here and I can't wait for her to come back in January! The holidays are going to be hard here without her! The first night we ate in - I cooked us some quiches and we just hung home and relaxed! The next day we went shopping to look for dining room furniture but found nothing - we managed to still get some other goodies for the house though! That night we ate out at a nice steak house - the kids didn't cooperate too well but we all still enjoyed the meal! The next day we shopped some more and finally found a nice dining room set a Ashely Furniture. We went to the outdoor awesome mall where mom got Alex his birthday/Christmas present from Josheph A Banks - they were running a awesome special - buy a sports jacket and get 2 pairs of dress pant, 2 dress shirts and 2 sweaters for free! He also go a pair of shoes, a belt and a few pairs of socks! He was pleased and so was I because there was a Trader Joe's right next store so I got some wine! We went home and had pizza for dinner! The next day we went out and then had chili for dinner! On Monday mom & I took AJ to American Girl for lunch and so her doll could have a spa day - it was great and we all had SO much fun! That night we celebrated moms birthday home with Chinese and some cake AJ and I had made - AJ gave Mimi a special Princess card and it was nice to be able to celebrate with her a little early! I hated to see mom go home Tuesday morning! Can't wait for January!

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